Paco de la Rosa

Paco de la Rosa

Hammond X66 Club founder

Hello Friends.

I’ve always been a fan of the Hammond sound, and many years ago when I was young I was able to buy my first Hammond, a T500 model, in that instrument I had the opportunity to take my first lessons, a few years later purchased a Hammond Concord, which enjoy for a long time, but I always wanted a X66.

In the late 60‘s and early 70’s just when I purchased my T500 was my dream was to purchase X66, it was a very expensive model, almost $ 10,000.00 Dls of that time, it was out of my budget, then, finally 24 years ago I had the opportunity and bought my first X66, (now I have three), it was wonderful and I was in love with this model and it’s beautiful sound with 11 tonal bars (instead of 9) is unique!

Later my son Arturo suggested to make the first web page of the X66 to gather more owners of this wonderful instrument ... and ... things happened, many owners answer and sent us their data, some with the serial number.

Later came the idea of a convention for X66 owners, the response was favorable and we had the opportunity to meet wonderful people from around the world, and since then we have done 11 conventions with the participation of organists, owners and friends.

The purpose of this page is to continue meeting people and friends who love the Hammond sound, especially the X66, I hope you like the new look and enjoy our website.

Your friend.
Paco de la Rosa