Hammond X66 Specifications

The organ’s design was the product of an innovative industrial competition of the time. The result a wonderful futuristic concept that transcends time.

The using of chrome pedestals, mahogany and ebony, give the X-66 it’s signature look, never again attempted due to its extravagant cost.

Its great sound is being produced by a very unique tone generator and 11 tone bars. The vibratos give it a it’s unique brand of animation which is achieved in perfect balance. At the end we have the perfect Hammond organ sound that is the X-66.


    • 2 Keyboard – each one with 61 notes
    • Pedal – 25 notes
    • Arpeggiator
    • Cancel Pistons (3)
    • Generator – 12 tone wheels
    • 39 tabs voices and percussions
    • Microphone Controls
    • 2 sets with 11 drawbars on upper manual
    • 2 sets with 10 drawbars on lower manual
    • 1 set with 5 drawbars for pedals
    • Reverberation I II II
    • Brilliance – On / Off
    • 1-15″ omnidirectional woofer
    • 6-8″ speakers – all of the wide dispersion type
    • 2-Horns for added brilliance
    • Traps (tabs) – Pedal, Orch, Accomp
    • The percussion division – Reiterate, Chime, Arp, Celesta, Marimba, Piano, Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Banjo
    • Orchestral manual (supplementary tab voices) – Diapason, Viole D’ Orch, Trumpet, English post horn, Kinura,
    • Tremulantl, ff orch, Orch 16´ and Unison off
    • Accompaniment manual (supplementary tab voices) – Diapason Viola DA Gamba, Tuba sonora, Tremulant, ff accomp
    • Pedal division (tabs) – String Bass I, Sring Bass II, Pedal vibrato
    • Manual Drawbars (tab controls) – Vibrato bass, Vibrato Treble I, Vibrato Treble II, Celeste, Tibias
    • Sforzando – (a general piston which instantly produces a pre-set full organ combination on both manuals)
    • Special Effects Panel, Power switch and light
    • Total weight: (organ pedalboard, and bench): 574 pounds
    • Tone Cabinet – Matching the futuristic design of the console is the series 12 tone cabinet which houses a 5 channel 200 watt (Music Power Output) amplifier driving seven speakers and two high frequency horns.
    • Production Dates: May 1967 to sometime between September 22, 1973 and April 1, 1975
    • Original Selling Price: $ 9,795 dls.