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Néstor Astorga

First, I have to say that all this has been a Great Blessing from God.

Everything started in 1974 when I was 9 years old. New neighbors played the piano, and that’s how this adventure started.

Thanks to my parents support, I studied classical piano for 5 years and immediately, I found out that I could play by ear thepopular music that in a next step, made me discover my enjoyment to play for audiences in different stages.

The passion for the Hammond Organ began in 1975 when listening to Juan Torres records, began enjoying the X66 sounds as if they were the best wine, tasting every note it produced; taking me to the Recording Art, where up to now, I have recorded 30 CD’s in Master (5 Produced), with music of several eras and cultures

The support of my wife and friends has been key in my music development, and mainly to understand, as Juan Torres said, That Music is to bring happiness. Period.

Today, because of a commitment with God, my focus has been to play religious music, in support to my church, but without this been a limitation to continue playing my beloved popular music.