Tato Dorantes videos

"Tato" Manuel Dorantes

Manuel Dorantes has a rich and diverse musical background. From learning to play mandolin at the age of 3 to his first profesional gigs with accordion and later with the organ at age 12.

Manuel began performing in local events such wedings, dances, and work at Hotel chains in Acapulco, Ixtapa, later to the United States in Chicago learning lots of American music of all times then and eventually upgraded to profesional arranger keyboards.

Residing in Phoenix Arizona since 2003, Manuel`s deep knowledge and understanding of Mexican music was key helping Korg with Mexian content and then since 2012 with Yamaha Corporation of America, is part of the team that  develop the new sounds and rhythms for their new keyboards, and now for the latest generations PSR SX and Genos series  In addition to perform in dances, Manuel specialized in demonstrating Yamaha Arranger Keyboards.